2018 Multi-day Forays & PVMA Scholarships 

Attending a multi-day foray is an exciting and rewarding experience. These forays provide opportunities for amateurs to rub elbows with professionals and well known advanced amateurs, go on fungus hunting walks in areas that are unfamiliar to you, hear talks from some of the foremost mycological experts, and make new mycophile friends. Some forays that our members have attended are listed below. There are many others around the country; check "Events" in the NAMA web site if you are interested. To help defray the cost of attending a foray, PVMA has a limited number of $100 scholarships available for PVMA members. The deadline to apply is June 1 . See the application procedure on the next page.

The 201 8 NEMF (Northeast Mycological Federation, of which our club is a member) foray will be held July 26-29 in upstate New York on the SUNY-Geneseo campus in the Finger Lakes region. The local forays will include Letcher State Park, the “Grand Canyon of the East.” Talks by professional and advanced amateur mycologists will take place every day and into the evening. More information and registration forms can be found at: http://www.nemf.org/index.html. NEMF also has a scholarship program with a deadline of the end of May; details are at: http://www.nemf.org/homola-scholarship.html

Free Foray/Vacation for PVMA members in the White Mountains with Dianna Smith at 72 Ledgewood Drive, Bethlehem, NH, Monday, August 20 at noon to Friday August 24 at noon. Join Dianna for the week to participate in walks on White Mountain trails to collect fungi and identify them back at her NH home. You need only bring up food for the week, wine, beer, juice, snacks, fruit, etc., cereal, and help make meals. Bring a sleeping bag if you have one, although depending on how many people decide to participate, we may have enough beds for everyone. Also on hand will be Dr. Roz Lowen, a specialist in ascomycetes and Ginny Jeffreys. Please let Dianna know if you would be interested in participating by e-mailing her at Dianna.smith@comcast.net.

The annual COMA Clark Rogerson Foray will be August 31-Sept. 4 at Camp Hemlocks in Hebron, CT. Faculty will include Roy Halling, John Plischke III, Roz Lowen, Dianna Smith, and others. Attendees may register for 1 -3 nights or as day visitors for either or both of the two full days, Saturday or Sunday. This year’s rates and registration details will shortly be available on the Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association website with registration open by early May. See comafungi.org/

The North American Mycological Association’s annual foray will be held in Salem, OR, October 11 -14. There will be pre-foray workshops on mushroom dyeing and microscopy. Registration will open in early May. Keep an eye on the NAMA web site for more information: www.namyco.org

Guidelines For PVMA Scholarship Application to Attend a 2018 Foray

The application is for current PVMA members and should be comprised of a letter to the scholarship committee that includes:

1 ) Which foray you want to attend.

2) Your specific interests in the field of mycology and how attending the foray will aid you in furthering your mycological education. Examples include learning about edibles, learning more about a particular group of fungi, wanting to hear presentations from experts in the field, etc.

3) Why you think you’re a good candidate for the award.

The application deadline is due June 1 . If there are no applicants by the deadline, late applications may be considered. In the event of a limited amount of funds, and there are multiple scholarship winners, the total award may be split. If a winning applicant is unable to attend the foray due to an extenuating circumstance, the award will be forfeited and given to the next qualified applicant. We must receive a copy of the foray registration before the award will be disbursed. Note: The number of scholarships in any given year will be dependent upon the PVMA treasury balance. Scholarship recipients who wish to re-apply in subsequent years will be considered after those who have never applied before.

Please email all inquiries and/or applications to Philip Hadley, chair of the scholarship committee, mphadley03@comcast.net