Boletus pallidus 

Boletus pallidus5639

Boletus pallidus Frost 

 Dry whitish-gray-buff cap surface, often cracking with age. Flesh, tubes, pores & stipe whitish, aging olive. Staining blue. Spore print is olive brown. Mycorrhizal with hardwoods like oak and beech. Fruits summer and early autumn. Pale buff cap with slightly overlapping margin of sterile tissue, lighter stem, and white to pale yellowish pores that turn yellow to greenish-yellow.  Tubes are slightly depressed where stipe meets pore surface and/or white to pale yellow flesh inconsistently bruise bluish then brownish. Often several nearby. Edible.

It is in the Boletaceae family of the Boletales order.

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Boletus pallidus

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Boletus pallidus

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