Lactarius imperceptus Beardslee & Burlingham (2 Photos and Description)

Azonate light pinkish-brown, reddish-brown to cinnamon brown convex cap with inrolled margin and knob, becoming flat then subinfudibuliform. Gills are attached to somewhat decurrent pinkish-white and brown staining. Stipe is smooth, paler concolorous with cap, becoming darker with handling and with age. Flesh is thin, whitish, bruising yellowish. Latex is white to cream and often becomes yellowish, although very slowly. Spore print is pale whitish-cream. Found with hardwoods, especially oaks in summer and autumn. Taste is acrid.

Lactarius imperceptus 05890
pale fawn to red-brown, central small umbo, pinkish gils, white latex

Lactarius imperceptus