Lactarius sordidus, 'Dirty-looking Milky’ Peck (4 Photos and Description)

Lactarius sordidus4864-1

Medium sized olive-yellow-brown convex, glabrous cap with a depressed viscid center. As it expands it becomes vase-shaped. White latex stains the white to yellowish gills green. The stem is brown with greenish-brown scrobiculations. Spore print is a dull white. Can be found in summer and fall. Taste is acrid.    

Lactarius sordidus1020494

Lactarius sordidus, 'Dirty-looking Milky'

Lactarius sordidus1010500

Lactarius sordidus, 'Dirty-looking Milky'

Lactarius sordidus04227

Lactarius sordidus, 'Dirty-looking Milky'