Lactarius camphoratus (2 Photos and Description)

Lactarius camphoratus 3339-2

Lactarius camphoratus, the "Aromatic Milky" or "Curry-scented Milk Cap", is a small rusty-brown smooth, knobbed, moist cap that becomes sunken and dry with age. The gills are reddish-brown, close and attached to slightly descending the stipe. The stipe like the cap is rusty-brown and has hairs at the base. It is thin and becomes hollow. Its latex is WHITE becoming watery whey-like and UNCHANGING. Can be found in mixed coniferous-hardwoods forests, often in moss during summer and autumn. FRAGRANT. Usually smells of maple syrup or burnt sugar, especially after drying. Taste is smoky and mild to bitter.

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Lactarius camphoratus 

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Lactarius camphoratus