Panellus stipticus (Bulliard) Karsten (3 Photos and Description)

Panellus stipticus1696

Panellus stipticus has a tan scurfy, wavy-edged and dry cap, thin flesh that is flexible when wet, but tough when dry. Dried out specimens can appear whitish. It attaches to dead wood by a narrow paler stem that tapers toward the base. Its gills are fairly close and of different lengths. Its taste is bitter. Panellus stipticus is one of at least 70 or so bioluminescent fungi. It may have this property to attract insects that feed on them in late afternoon and early evening and ultimately distribute spores. It is most often seen in cooler weather. It is a white rotter. Presumably fresh specimens can be used as a stiptic to stop bleeding.

Panellus stipticus 06238

Panellus stipticus

Panellus stipticus2566

Panellus stipticus