Tylopilus alboater ‘Black Velvet Bolete' (4 Photos and Description)

Tylopilus alboater02824

Tylopilus alboater

Mycorrhizal with hardwoods (oak). Mid-summer to early autumn fruiting. Velvety blackish-brown cap skin that cracks with age. Whitish pore surface; pink spores, slight reticulation at top of stem. White flesh and pores that turn pinkish as the spores mature, then gray (slowly).

Edible: Expect sliced surfaces to stain pink followed by blackining while cooking. Fingers will also stain black). Fry 2-4 minutes (depending on how crispy you like them). Nutty taste. Stems are good too.

Inedible lookalikes have bitter taste, flesh that may also turn blue on cutting, a brown spore print, blue-green bruising at base of stem. Excellent edible!

Tylopilus alboater02701

Tylopilus alboater

Tylopilus alboater5330

Tylopilus alboater

Tylopilus alboater5615

Velvety black cap surfaces fades to gray with age. Pore surface stains pinkish with age from white. Stipe concolorous with cap.is white in young specimens. Pink S.P. nder oak.

Stains fingers blackish.