Pholiota alnicola or flavida (3 Photos and Description)

Pholiota 05594

Like most other pholiotas, Pholiota alnicola or flavida is a saprotrop that breaks down and grows in caespitose clusters on dead conifers and hardwoods. The pileus is yellow (to tawny-yellow), sticky, damp and relatively smooth compared with the majority of pholiotas, which are scaly to varying degrees depending on the species. It does have a white partial veil and remnants are visible along the cap margins. The spore print is rusty-brown. Had I tasted these specimens, I might have been able to identify the species more precisely. Pholiota alnicola is bitter and has no particular odor, while Pholiota flavida is mild and fragrant. It is also possible that these photos depict both species. When I find these again, I will taste the flesh!

Pholiota alnicola or flavida 05824

Pholiota alnicola or flavida 

Pholiota alnicola or flavida  3522

Pholiota alnicola or flavida