Lactarius torminosus (Fr.) S. F. Gray (2 Photos and Description)

Lactarius torminosus1010460

Lactarius torminosus has a broadly convex depressed hairy pinkish cap with a bearded incurved margin. The disc is tacky at first and a pale pinkish-orange, while the wooly inrolled margin is paler. As the cap expands, it becomes somewhat vase-shaped with an upturned margin. The flesh is white and quite firm. The creamy-pinkish gills are subdecurrent, forked, close and narrow. Latex white & acrid. The smooth stipe is concolorous with the cap.  Found in mixed forests in association with birch in late summer and fall.  

Lactarius torminosus var. normanensis Smith 07459

Lactarius torminosus