Fulvifomes robiniae  (Phellinus robiniae) (4 Photos and Description)

Phellinus rimosus01245

 “Cracked cap” polypore’. Perennial. White rotter on Locust trees. Upper surface of this hoof-shaped conk starts out somewhat tomentose and yellow-brown, but becomes black and cracks as it matures. The pore surface is yellow-brown to reddish-brown. It grows a new tube layer annually. Feeds on heart wood. Found principally on Black Locust. 

Phellinus robiniae (Phellinus rimosus)1030244

Fulvifomes robiniae 

Phellinus robiniae (Phellinus rimosus)1030247
Phellinus robiniae (Phellinus rimosus)2170

Phellinus robiniae

Fulvifomes robiniae