Amanita rhacopus (provisional name), (Amanita borealisorora, ceciliae) (3 Photos and Description)

Amanita rhacopus, (borealisorora, ceciliae)2936

Amanita rhacopus (prov), Amanita ceciliae  - Convex to flat or depressed cap, dark brown, fades in age, with large white-gray warts and striate margin. Gills white, free, close. Stalk minutely scaly. No ring. Cup persistent and sac-like. Also known as Amanita inaurata.  White spore print.  On ground under conifers. Edible, but avoid. Widespread and not uncommon.

Amanita rhacopus, (borealisorora, ceciliae)3082

Amanita rhacopus 

Amanita rhacopus, (borealisorora, ceciliae)4440

Amanita rhacopus