In the spring of 2013 South Hadley resident Michael Ostrowski and Dianna Smith of Northampton founded the Pioneer Valley Mycological Association (PVMA) to meet the interests of residents  in Western MA for a local mushroom club. Our aim is to provide ongoing education on fungi, information on identification of edible and poisonous mushrooms, guided mushroom walks, lectures, newsletters, information on multi-day regional and national forays and other opportunities to enhance your knowledge and appreciation of the fungal kingdom (See Fungi KIngdom University series of workshops). 

To cover the costs of inviting regional guest mycologists to give talks and to pay for the club's annual membership association with the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) (www.namyco.org/clubs/index.html), we are collecting a nominal annual fee of $15 per person or $25 for a family of two or more living in the same household. 

Non-members who are interested in taking one of our walks are invited to do so for free the first walk. If they need more time to consider, they are welcome to join us for any walk for just $5 per person. After three paid walks, you automatically become a member for the current year!

Note: Annual membership covers the period between January 1 and December 31 of any given year. First time members who apply for membership after October 1 are automatically given membership for the remaining current year and the following year. This generous offer does not apply to previously enrolled members whose membership lapsed for one or more years.

TO JOIN THE PVMA (If interested in expanding your knowledge of mycology you can also sign up and pay to participate in our annual spring FungiKingdom University series of workshops by paying $15 for membership plus $85 for the six session course: see next page for detailed information)*

1. Pay for your annual membership in the PVMA by credit card or a PayPal account using the options below under MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES. 

Membership Categories

2. Complete the registration form and press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.

* If you prefer to pay by check please fill out and print the PVMA Membership Registration Form and mail with your payment to PVMA President, Michael Ostrowski at 27 East Street, South Hadley MA 01075.

In late spring of any given year, we will send you information to your email address on our scheduled walk dates, walk locations, meeting times and directions. Most walks take place on Sundays and on some Saturdays at 1:00 PM. We will on occasion, offer guided walks by Dianna Smith during weekdays at 10:00 AM. Walks are canceled only when severe thunderstorms are predicted or when the region has experienced a series of weeks of dry weather, but only after the walk leader checks the site thoroughly and determines it is devoid of macrofungi. Notice of a walk cancellation or of an extra weekday 'Pop-Up Walk' will be posted on the Pioneer Valley Mycological Association's Facebook page. Depending on the reason for the post, it might not appear until hours prior to a scheduled meeting. We urge all members to join this page for the most up-to-date scheduling information as well as information of fungi-related classes, visits by guest mycologists, and other events. And we hope you will post photos of what you find throughout the year on our Facebook site as well. We will do our best to help you identify mushrooms and other fungi you are not familiar with. 

To JOIN NAMA (North American Mycological Association)

As a member of the PVMA, you are eligible to also become a member of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) at a reduced annual rate of $25. NAMA members receive a bi-monthly 24 page newsletter, The Mycophile, featuring articles on mushrooms, cultivation, medicinal mushrooms, dyeing with fungi, toxicology reports, prize-winning photos, national forays and a host of other fascinating topics. (You can join NAMA through PayPal at www.namyco.org/join/index.html).