We are excited to start a new collaboration this year with Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary. In addition to the Photography Exhibit scheduled for September, we have two other scheduled events that we would like to emphasize:

The Secret Lives of Woodland Mushrooms with Bill Yule, Naturalist
Saturday, August 25, 1:00-4:00 pm
Bill Yule is an engaging naturalist-educator with a passion for understanding the symbiotic relationships between trees and mushrooms, and other fungi. He is a popular speaker at major fungi forays and an expert on boletes, as well as insect-fungi interactions. After Bill’s presentation indoors, members of the Pioneer Valley Mycological Association will lead walks to find and identify mushrooms in the Arcadia woods.
There will be a nominal fee for this event, as it will be available to members of the public as well as PVMA. Audubon members pay $1 5, while non-members (and non-registered PVMA members) pay $20 to attend the talk and events. PVMA members who pre-register at JessicaBensonEvans@gmail.com will pay just $5 (via check or PayPal prior to the event.)

Fungi Kingdom Mushroom Festival
Saturday, September 22, 1 :00-5:00 pm
Free and open to the public. To be held jointly with Fungi Ally. Educational workshops, children’s activities, mushroom identification walks, cultivated mushroom sales, and presentations by Pioneer Valley Mycological Association members.

Volunteer Opportunities:
We are looking for volunteers for a wide variety of roles at both events.
For Bill Yule’s presentation and walk on August 25th, we’d love to have a few members helping to lead/co- lead walks on the trails of Arcadia.
For our Fungi Kingdom Festival on September 22nd, we are looking for folks to do the following:

• Create displays or posters on a variety of mushroom-related topics for the day of the festival • Assist at mushroom ID tables and membership table
• Arrive before the festival to assist in set up or help clean up afterwards.

PVMA volunteers for either event will receive free admission to Bill Yule’s talk on August 25th. Email Jessica at JessicaBensonEvans@gmail.com to volunteer.