Russula squalida 

Russula squalida7805_edited

Russula squalida Peck “Dirty Russula”

can have a medium to large matt cap, that is variable in color including browns, grays, greens, yellows and even violets. Initially convex it matures to flat with a slightly depressed darker center. The white flesh is firm and stains yellowish-brown when cut. The close, broad cream gills are often forked near the stem apex and mature to ochre and brown. Spore print is yellow to ochre.  The stem is white or pinkish staining brown. It has a fishy odor that is more pronounced with age or drying and a relatively sweet taste. It is in subsection Xerampelina with other fishy or crustacean-smelling russulas. It is a choice edible - if you enjoy fish or shrimp, etc. It is in the Russulaceae family of the Russulales.