Russula aeruginea 

Russula green2032

Russula aeruginea Fries 

is a gray-green to yellow-green-capped mushroom with a dry to somewhat moist slightly depressed center when fully expanded from its initial broadly convex shape. The pellicle peels about half-way. Its white to cream-colored gills are forked at stipe apex and become brownish spotted with age. The stem is white, but develops brownish to rust-brown spots. Spores are cream-colored. Russula aeruginea can be confused with some other green russulas. Applying iron salts to this species, however, will turn the flesh pinkishish. Mycorrhizal with conifers and hardwoods.  can be found growing alone or in groups. Taste of Russula aeruginea is mild. Edible.

It is in the Russulaceae family of the Russulales.

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Russula aeruginea