Lactarius hepaticus 

Lactarius hepaticus Plowright 1905

This milky has a dark brown to reddish-brown or chestnut brown wet cap - initially with an inrolled margin. The cap often has a small umbo in a darker depressed center. As it flattens, the margin can become crenulate. Its pinkish buff gills are decurrent, close, relatively narrow to slightly broad and are sometimes forked in various places. The gills age pinkish red. Latex is white, fairly abundant and does not change gill color or stain. Stem is color of cap occasionally with a paler apex and a somewhat rugose-hairy base. It hollows with age.  Slightly acrid to mild taste. Spore print is creamy-white. It is mycorrhizal with pines, hemlock and other conifers and can be found in summer and autumn. Edibility unknown. This is in the Russulacae family of the Russulales order.