Craterellus lutescens   

Cantharellus xanthopus (lutescens) 02560

Craterellus lutescens (Pers.) Fr.

Looks a lot like a more orange, slightly larger version of Cratrellus tubaeformis with its brownish cap. Center is depressed and develops a hole (appearing like a trumpet). The stipe is bright orange-yellow. Found in damp conifer woods and often in moss in wet areas. Hymenium (pore surface) is from whitish to orange or pinkish. These mushrooms are not only edible, but they are also used to create yellow dyes. Its common name is ‘Yellow-foot’. It is in the Hydnaceae family of the Cantharellales order.

Craterellus ignicolor 1010182

Craterellus ignicolor 

Craterellus lignicolor 02536

Craterellus ignicolor