Hygrophorus russula

Hygrophorus russula8451

Hygrophorus russula, ‘Russula-like Waxy Cap' 

Initially cap is viscid, but soon dries. Grows under oaks and other hardwoods. Resembles russulas, but is a fairly large and firm rather than extremely brittle.

It is a waxy cap mushroom that has mottled red, purple and pink cap and white, closely spaced decurrent gills, which become stained with red, purple and pink stains as they mature. Found in woodlands under oaks, often in fairy rings . White spore print. Edible and good tasting.

 A similar species is also edible (but mediocre) called Hygrophorus purpurescens, which grows under conifers and has a veil.  This is in the Hygrophoraceae family of the Agaricales order.

Hygrophorus russula8454

Hygrophorus russula

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Hygrophorus russula