Morchella punctipes 

Morchella semilibera1020820

Morcehella punctipes Peck 1903

used to be called Morchella semilibera, a morel native to Europe. In the 'Half-free' morel, the cap is fused  higher up on the stipe than it is with other native morel species. The hollow stem is relatively long compared to the small cap. Edible when cooked.  Like other morels, Morchella punctipes in in the Morchellaceae family, which is in the Pezizales Order. 

Morchella punctipes (Morchella semilibera)9655

Morchella punctures (Morchella semilibera)

Morchella punctipes (Morchella semilibera)9654

Morchella punctures (Morchella semilibera)