Hypsizygus marmoreus 

Hypsizygus marmoreus (tessulatus)  1458

Hypsizygus marmoreus (H. tessulatus) (Peck) H.E. Bigelow 1976

This is the North American version of the long-stemmed ‘oyster’ mushroom, formerly called Pleurotus elongatipesHypsizygus tessulatus is a European mushroom. Ours is Hypsizygus marmoreus. The whitish cap has distinct patches of darker yellow-brown near circular spots or markings. Its margin is inrolled in youth and expands to become nearly flat in age. Its closely spaced white to cream colored gills are slightly notched at the stipe apex. Hypsizygus marmeus has a stipe that is longer than the cap is wide. It grows from dead broadleaf trees such as maple and beech. This is in the Lyophyllaceae family in the Agaricales order of the Basidiomycota.