Hypholoma lateritium 

Hypholoma lateritium (Hyphomloma sublateritium)0222

Hypholoma lateritium (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. 1871(Hyphomloma sublateritium) 

Grows in clusters on decaying stumps and trunks of hardwoods. Rust-brown cap with pale edge, whitish gills becoming purple-brown. Saprotrophic.  They grow clustered on decaying hardwoods. Taste can be mild to bitter. Gills are crowded and yellow becoming purple-brown-black. Fruits in autumn. Taste is mild to bitter. Purple-brown-black spore print. In Europe this mushroom is not considered edible, but it is eaten in the U.S. and Japan. It is apparently rarer than the conifer decaying Hypholoma capnoides (edible) and the Hypholoma fasiculare (inedible), though it is fairly common here in the northeast of N.A. during the fall.

Hypholoma lateritium (Hyphomloma sublateritium)03382

Hypholoma lateritium (Hyphomloma sublateritium) 

Hypholoma lateritium (Hyphomloma sublateritium)09280004

Hypholoma lateritium (Hyphomloma sublateritium) 

Hypholoma lateritium (Hypholoma sublateritium)10080057

Hypholoma lateritium (Hyphomloma sublateritium)