Clavulina cinerea

Clavulina cinerea02916

The gray Clavulina cinerea  (Bull.) J. Schrot. 1888 

 closely resembles Clavuina coralloides (C. cristata) as it frequently branches and can display flattened, nearly crested tips. Some specimens, however, have blunted tips as shown in the photo below. Both Clavulina coralloides and Clavulina cinerea are frequently attacked by another fungus called Helminthosphaeria clavarium. The latter parasite turns the coral fungus a grey-black from the base upward. Clavulina cinerea can be found growing in conifer and mixed woods. Spores are white. This coral is edible. This is in the Cantharellales order.

Clavulina cinerea1020117

Clavulina cinerea being attacked by Helminthosphaeria clavarium.