Panus conchatus 

Lentinus torulosus (Panus conchatus)1930

Panus conchatus (Bulliard) Fries (Panus torulosus, Lentinus torulosus)

Saprobic white rotter on logs and branches of dead hardwoods. This pretty mushroom has  a glabrous tan to pinkish-lilac pleurotoid cap that initially has an inrolled margin. Decurrent gills are lilac-pink becoming light brownish on its off-center stem. Flesh is tough and inedible. Several often grow clustered in the same place. Fruits from spring through autumn. White spore print. It is in the Polyporaceae family of the Polyporales order.

Panus conchatus (Lentinus torulosus)8405

Panus conchatus (Panus torulosus)

Panus conchatus (Lentinus torulosus)9882

Panus conchatus (Panus torulosus)