Russula fragrantissima

Russula fragrantissima01054

Russula fragrantissima Romagnesi 

Ochre-yellow, viscid cap with marginal striations.  SKIN PEELS back half way to disc. STAINS BROWN. Marzipan, maraschino cherries & almond odor turning unpleasant as the mushroom ages. Light spore-print. On ground deciduous or mixed woods. In the ‘foetid’ group of russulas, which includes Russula foetentulaRussula ventricosipes (in sand under pines), Russula mutabilis and Russula grata (Russula laurocerasi). Although the odor is initially nice, if strong, the mushroom is not considered palatable owing to its oily-acrid taste.

It is in the Russulaceae family of the Russulales.

Russula fragrantissima01055

Russula fragrantissima