Coprinopsis lagopus 

Coprinopsis lagopus (Coprinus lagopus) 1958

Coprinopsis lagopus (Coprinus lagopus) (Fr.) Redhead, Vilgalys, Moncalvo, Johnson & Hopple (2001)

This coprinoid mushroom emerges from a white universal veil that leaves fibrillose hairs or flakes on the striate ellipsoid cap which dark grayish-brown and darker on the disc. As the cap expands it becomes flat to uplifted and wavy. This beautiful mushroom has free moderately close gills that are initially white, but become gray-brown to black and finally deliquesce. Its white stipe is enlarged toward the base and is hollow. Coprinopsis lagopus often appears in groups and is saprotrophic on decaying wood. A fruiting in the morning usually disappears by noon. It is in the Psathyrellaceae family of the Agaricales order.

Parasola plicatilis 02607

Parasola plicatilis  02609