Panellus serotinus 

Sarcomyxa serotina (Panellus serotinus)6575

Panellus serotinus (Pers.) Kuhner (1889) (Sarcomyxa serotina) ‘Late Autumn Oyster’

These firm pleurotoid fungi are saprotrophs on both hardwoods and conifers. When first beginning to fruit they are yellow-orange with gills of the same color. As they mature, the cap colors can become more gray-green or warm brown. Spores are yellow. Some people find this edible to be bitter, but others believe it is delicious. The taste may be an effect of the type of tree it is growing from. It is a saprotroph. Some place it in the Mycenaceae family of the Agaricales. Others place it in the Pleurotaceae.  Panellus serotinus (Sarcomyxa serotina)

Panellus serotinus4252

Panellus serotinus (Sarcomyxa serotina)

Panellus serotinus9848

Panellus serotinus (Sarcomyxa serotina)