Cantharellus appalachiensis

Cantharellus appalachiensis is distictive among the egg-yellow chanterelles in having an obscurely concentric brownish zone on the cap center and sometimes on the stem. The margin is typically more yellow, and wavy as the mushroom matures. The vein-like gills are paler than the cap, exhibit some forking and there are cross-veins connecting the rounded and blunt gill edges. The stem can be whitish, or yellow-brown and has white mycelial threads at the base. This edible chanterelle is found throughout summer and in early autumn in woodlands with oak present. Catharellus appalachiensis is in the Hydnaceae family of the Cantharellales order.

Cantharellus appalachiensis 02423

Cantharellus appalachiensis R.H. Peterson

Cantharellus appalachiensis 00686