Lactarius hibbardae  

Lactarius hibbardae 4847

Lactarius hibbardae Peck 1908

has a dry scurfy cap, is pinkish brown to pinkish grey, lightly zoned and has an inrolled margin which ultimately will fully open, and become subfunnel-shaped and wavy.  The cap may have a central depression with a slight umbo. Cream to pink-brown close, narrow gills are crowded and somewhat decurrent. Dry, pruinose stipe is color of cap but paler at the tapered base and becomes hollow. Spore print is whitish to cream. Latex is white and plentiful, but becomes watery with maturity. Both the flesh and latex taste slowly acrid. Smell: SWEET, becoming similar to COCONUT or reminiscent of anise as it dries. Can be found in mixed woods with conifers and hardwoods - frequently in moss. Fruits between July and October. Edibility has not been determined. This is in the Russulacae family of the Russulales order.