Calocybe carnea

Rugosomyces carneus (Calocybe carnea) 0223

Calocybe carnea (Rugomyces carneus) (Bull.) Donk 1962

An uncommon mushroom, Calocybe carnea'name is derived from ancient Greek words: ‘calo' = pretty and ‘cybe' = head; and from the Latin word ‘carnea' = flesh-colored). The cap color is a shade of pink (brighter when young and fading in age); initially convex and wavy with expansion. It is dry and smooth. Gills are white and release white spores with maturity. Stems are narrowed and somewhat fused at the base. They are concolorous with cap color. These mushrooms grow from soil at the edge of woods, in grassy fields and lawns in spring, summer and autumn following a decent rainfall. Edible with caution, since it may be confused with toxic mushrooms. This is in the Lyophyllaceae family in the Agaricales order of the Basidiomycota.