'Cantharelloid Fungi' refers to fungi having a vase or trumpet-shape and a vein-like (as opposed to a gilled) hymenium from which spores are released at maturity. Although some fungi bear structural similarities with chanterelles such as those in the gomphoid genera, Gomphus and Turbinellus, they are not closely related to chanterelles.

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Cantharellus white gills and stem turns brownish with handling00525

Cantharellus phasmatis

CANTHARELLUS____appalachiensis,____cibarius,____cinnabarinus,____confluens,____enelensis,_____flavus, ____lateritius,____minor,____phasmatis,____tenuithrix,_____velutinus

CRATERELLUS____cinereus,____fallax (cornucopioides),____foetidus,____ignicolor,____lutescens (aurora),____tubaeformis



TURBINELLUS (Gomphus)____floccosus,____kaufmanii