Amanita atkinsoniana 

Amanita atkinsoniana00890

Amanita atkinsoniana Coker

This amanita has grayish pyramidal warts on its whitish cap that become more brownish to red-brown with maturity.  It has closely-spaced cream free gills. The stipe is is whitish with brownish material. It has a slimy yellowish partial veil that often disappers entirely. The base is relatively large with warts that appear from the top of the elongated bulb to nearly the base. White mycelial strands are at the bottom of the bulb. It is mycorrhizal with oaks, pines and presumably other trees. Compare with Amanita onusta.

Amanita atkinsoniana is in Amanita sec. Lepidella

Amanita atkinsoniana00949

Amanita atkinsoniana