Cortinarius squamulosus 

Cortinarius squamulosus03107

Cortinarius squamulosus Peck 1872

This cort is a shade of brown ranging from purple-brown to chocolate brown to yellow-brown and is densely covered in squamules. The gills are closely spaced and dark purple becomin rust-brown with age. The cortina is initially whitish to brownish but turns rust brown with the release of spores. The stem is purple-brown with zone at the apex and with fibrils becoming darker with maturity. The base is bulbous with purple mycelium at its connection point to soil. Cortinarius squamulosus is mycorrhizal with beech and oaks and is found fruiting from July to September. 

It is in Telamonia group.  This is in the Cortinariceae family of the Agaricales order.

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Cortinarius squamulosus