Aureoboletus innixus

Aureoboletus innixus Frost (syn. Pulveroboletus innixus, Boletus innixus) 

 Aureoboletus innixus (formerly Boletus innixus) has a reddish-brown to dark brown slightly tacky to dry cap that fades in color to a warm tan-brown. The cap will turn green than then dull orange or red with a greenish edge when a drop of ammonia is placed on it. It is often found growing in clusters often with an enlarged basal bulb and thick root-like mycelial threads at the base of its brown-streaked yellow stipe.  It is an edible sponge-pored bolete with bright golden-yellow pores on younger specimens. They do not stain. Spores are olive-brown. It is mycorrhizal with hardwoods, particularly oaks. Can be confused with Aureoboletus auriporus, whose cap and stem are fairly slimy when young and do not react to ammonia by exhibiting a green flash. The later lacks the swollen base and does not grow in attached clusters. It is in the Boletaceae family of the Boletales order.