Cortinarius collinitus

Cortinarius collinitus3558

Cortinarius collinitus (Pers.) Fries 1838

These corts have a conic to convex smooth, but very viscid cap reddish-brown cap with a paler margin. The gills are initially pale cream becoming brownish with maturity. The cortina is white to lavender. The stipe is also glutinous, whitish in color with with copious material overlaid from the cortina. They appear in August and September and are mycorrhizal with conifers. Inedible. Cortinarius collinitis is in the Myxaciun sec.

This is in the Cortinariceae family of the Agaricales order.

Cortinarius collinitus1020197
Cortinarius collinitis04113

In the photo above you can see the concentric evanescent scales ringing the stem.

Cortinarius collinitus

Cortinarius collinitus02507

Cortinarius collinitus