Cortinarius pholideus 

Cortinarius pholideus1020566

Cortinarius pholideus (Lilj.) Fr. 1838

Cortinarius pholideus has a small scaly buff-brown cap that is darker on the disc than on the margin. The sub-close gills are initially very pale lavender, becoming brown then rust brown. The cortina is whitish. The stem is covered in brown scaly patches below the top ‘ring'. The stipe apex and the basal mycelium are white. The flesh is pale whitish with lavendar tints, but closer to ther stipe base the flesh is a paler buff. Usually grows gregariously summer through early fall in mixed forests. Inedible.

The 'Scaly Cort' is in the Cortinariceae family of the Agaricales order.

Cortinarius dry, scaly buff tan cap, pale whitish to tan gills and tannish scales on white stipe below cortina.  In moss. 00831

Cortinarius pholideus