Coprinus comatus

Coprinus comatus 'INKY CAP', 'Lawyer’s Wig’, Saprotrophic. Found along roadsides, in grass, and on disturbed ground. Cultivated in China. Coprine, which has unpleasant consequences if consumed with alcohol, is found in Coprinopsis atramentaria, but not Coprinus comatusCoprinus comatus is an omnivore and has been found to kill and feed on two different species of nematodes! Coprinus comatus is more closely related to the brown-spored mushrooms in Agaricus as well as the white-spored Lepiota species than it is to other dark-spored, ink-producing, deliquescing mushrooms like Coprinopsis atramentaria and Coprinellus micaeus, which are now in the Psathyrellaceae family! Edible & delicious.