Radulodon (Radulomyces) copelandii (Pat.) N. Maek. (4 Photos and Description)

Radulodon (Radulomyces) copelandii i05178

Radulodon copelandii: (Radulomyces copelandii) This crust fungus, , was found at the Women's Federated Forest in north MA during our October 16th walk. It is an Asian import that is now known to fruit throughout the year. It was discovered for the first time in 2009 by Lawrence Millman in a park in Ipswich, MA. Its existence has now been reported in several northeastern states. It is possible that it is an aggressive decomposer that may replace native fungal decomposers. You can read the article about this 'Asian Beauty' in the summer 2011 issue of Fungi Magazine. See http://www.fungimag.com/summer-2…/FungiSUM_AsianBeautyLR.pdf

Radulodon (Radulomyces) copelandii  05265

Radulodon (Radulomyces) copelandii 

Radulodon (Radulomyces) copelandii 05179

Radulodon (Radulomyces) copelandii 

Radulomyces paumanokensis differs in sprouting from circular shapes and having flattened spines.